We have been busy getting product together for a big event this week!

Photo: 1940's Superior Toy Egg Laying Chicken. In mint condition!  $15

Photo: Aztec Melamine Dinnerware in my favorite Aqua! A large server, 7 dessert plates and a single coffee cup. The whole sha-bang.

Sparks Flea Market, antiques, and collectibles will hold their spring sale this coming week.  May 2 through May 5.  We have been busy gathering things to take there.  We have lots of items we are planning to take with us.  If there is something you want before we go, just contact us and we will sell it to you now.  Here are some pictures of treasures we have for sale:

Photo: $2.50, plastic napkin holder, could be used to corral letters on a desk. Ornate and oh so cute.Photo: I am totally thrilled with how this stool turned out! $35
 Photo: A Giant File!! $7.50 

  Photo: Vintage Soaring Bird, $12
Photo: Vintage Porcelain Lamp, hand-painted, in good working condition. $12.50 with shade
Porcelain Lamp with shade (works)  $12.50
Photo: Just finished.  Solid wood, sturdy 2 tier table 24" across by 24" tall.  Painted in vintage chic style using a sand white and adding a pop of coordinating colors on the four flat trim boards separating the tiers.  Plenty of room to set your favorite things.  $35.


Rebel Roxie Rose had fun Thursday night and Friday during the day.  We had a tent full of "Roxification" and marked it all down so we could clear out some space for new inventory!  Saw LOTS of familiar faces and had a chance to visit with people we hadn't seen in quite awhile.  Besides the success of the sale, the chance to see our peeps was great!

Roxie Rose is more then just a business venture.  We go out and hunt down cool things.  If it is something we  like and think someone else we will get it and bring it back home.  Sometimes we see something that makes us want to redo it and make it into something else.  We did that yesterday and made a Pet Palace out of an end table.  Wait until you see the finished product!  If you like Boho, you'll love this.  Here is a pic of it in the process of going from ugly and useless to cute and a great place for indoor pets to sleep or lay.  Right now we are finishing the inside.  More pics next time.

Photo: From Ugly and Unuseful to...   Photo: Did more to the top and reinstalled hardware.

Then when we can get outside and set up the tent, we can have a big old party.  It is a place to offer some great stuff and a chance to visit with friends.  Next time we do this, come by if you can.  We enjoy seeing everyone!

Photo: Waiting for 5Here is the one side of the tent.

Photo: Here's a preview....
Here is the otherside before the sale.  Then we put things out front too.  Lots of goodies sold.

We want to thank everyone that came by.  We'll let you know when we do it again.  Xoxo  Roxie and Rose

BIG SPRING FLING SALE! This Friday it is Time for Us to Lighten our Load!

That's it!  We can't stand all the inventory (our craft projects, furniture, wonderful vintage items) crowded into the studio any longer.  Many of our precious items will be priced below what we have invested in them.  However, with new ideas and acquisitions, we need to make some room!  Markdowns galore.  Items as low as 50 cents.  Don't miss this sale.  We are practically giving it away.  You will find things for your home, gift items, stuff for yourself and much more.  Here are pictures of just a sampling of what we will have available.  

These grab bags will be $1
Handmade tutus $1.50 - $3.00

May and June bring gift giving occasions. Be ready with framed poems by Rose at this low, low price. 
2 available here for an outdoor lover and one for a favorite mail carrier. Only $3.50 each.
There is more, much more.  We want to sell it, you want to get great prices, it's a win-win.  We will set up in front of Roxie's at 1227 Main St., Eudora, Ks. and be open for business on Friday, April 5 from 8 am to 5 p.m. (our rain date is April 12).  Don't miss this sale.  Many of these items are being discontinued if we made them, and most of the rest of the items are quality, hard to find products. Many products offered for sale are new.

Bow Holders $1 each.  New old stock cowboy can $3
Record bowls $1.50 - $2.00

There will be furniture, home decor, lamps, jewelry, crafts and supplies, vintage, grab bags, and more.  If you like a good deal, you will love this!

Watch this blog and our Facebook page for more pictures of items for sale.  You won't see these kind of prices very many places.  All our items were made by us from merchandise and supplies purchased within 150 miles of our hometown of Eudora.  If buying local is important to you, then don't miss this sale.

Until next blog . . . . . .

Rebel Roxie Rose will be in Topeka at the Antique Show and Vintage Market at the Kansas Expo! Feb. 23 & 24 2013

Come and see us at our first vintage show.  After 20 years going to craft shows, we are entering a new arena.  We will be set up in the Exhibition Hall of the Kansas Expocentre in Topeka, KS on Saturday and Sunday, February 23 & 24.
Check out their facebook page under Topeka KS Antique Show & Vintage Market for coupons on admission prices.  Or go to our facebook page -- Rebel Roxie Rose and print them there.
We are going to offer many of our vintage finds and some of our products we have made from vintage items.  Roxie and Rose love to take vintage items and turn them into fashion and decor that fits in today.
Like these cute containers decorated with vintage jewelry pieces.
We also have some really cool finds at affordable prices.  For those who love the 50s and 60s, we have things for you!
Planters from the 1950s. Both in great condition.

Roxie and Rose are venturing out into a new direction, please support us and make your way over to Topeka and see what we have to offer.  We still have unique and unusual products and many are one of a kind and/or hard to find.   We continue to price our products as affordably as possible; always pricing it according to what we find it for, not necessarily what it is "worth".  So if you like a certain style, come see our booth.  We may have just what you are looking for--you won't know if you don't come and see us!
3 wooden cigar boxes. One of them has the year 1934 printed on it. Don't miss these great buys!

Original design by Roxie using vintage and new mixed for beautiful pieces of jewelry.
The framed letters are $5 each. (All depicted may not be available this show). Shabby chic ideas.  Pink shelf will also be available for sale.
Want to see more?  Make the trip to the Kansas Expocentre in Topeka.  Kids under 16 are free.  Better to take them through this then to have to be outside playing with them in the snow and freezing your hiney and toes off!
Until next blog . . . or maybe we'll see you this weekend!

Busy Month! Have Lots to Share!

It has been over a month since I have blogged.  During that time we have closed the storefront and moved it to our studio.  Celebrated Christmas and New Year's. Taken (and finished) orders for new products (bibs, necklaces, etc.).  Built a website which is now up and running.  We are currently adding products and pages to it daily.  Find it at:

We have also posted our products and updates on our Facebook page.  Many of you reading this post may not follow us on Facebook, but we have lots of stuff posted on it.  Most of the products we introduce will be placed on Facebook a few hours to a few days before going to the website.  

The store was too much for the two of us to run the way we wanted to do it.  Decorating and making products for each season and holiday was increasingly difficult.  We loved seeing everyone that came in, but business in our little hometown runs hot and cold.  We were busy during the slow times getting ready for the rush and could barely keep up when it was busy.  We tried our best to give our customers what they wanted.  Keeping prices low in a time when money was tight for shoppers became more difficult as supply prices rose.  

Do we miss our customers and friends coming by to shop and/or see us?  YES, definitely.  Do we miss a place to go to work to make products?  YES.  Trying to work at home is a difficult thing.  Especially when you have to have supplies spread out.  Do we miss all the bookkeeping and waiting for customers to pull in and come through the door every time a car went by?  NO.  The most stressful thing about a storefront is going in to work and being there all day and no one coming in to shop.  That was why we went to Friday and Saturday business hours.  The times we opened up in the evening once a week were either extremely busy or no business at all.  Either way we were wiped out the next day.  We had an excellent landlord that worked with us.  Our neighboring businesses were not always so friendly.  Yes, we knew neither one of them particularly wanted us there.  Hope they enjoy the new tenant more then they did us.  We were a little outspoken, which they may have perceived as rude, but hey, we are who we are!  Rebel Roxie Rose is a store that is on the edge a little.  We are naughty and nice.  Sometimes like to be a little inappropriate, but not SCANDALOUS!  So, for anyone that found us offensive, we are sorry you found us distasteful, but not sorry for being who we are--fun and flirty with a wink of an eye.  We do not take ourselves too seriously, but mean business when it comes to hawking our wares.  

Hey and if you want quality products that are both unique and unusual, contact us.  Our prices are based on how much we have in an item.  Just because the price seems low, does not mean it is of poor or substandard  quality.  We try to keep the price fair as we can.  We are usually cheaper on our handmade original design jewelry then the big box stores.  We have items that you can give as gifts and people will like them and ask where they came from.  We have that all the time.  Give us a look see!

Ok, enough blah blah.  Here are some pics of some of the products in our jewelry section at www.rebelroxierose.com.  We will also be going to craft shows in the spring--look for us!
Lock and Key with 19" Chain -- $14.50
8 Inch Vintage New Mix Bracelet with
Strong Magnetic Clasp -- $24.95

7 Inch Vintage New Mix Bracelet
with Lobster Clasp -- $24.95
Royal Heart Necklace Vintage Mix w/36" Chain -- $14.95
There are many more and lower prices.  These are some of our top pieces.  Come and see our selection at www.rebelroxierose.com.

Until next blog . . . .  



We are SOOO ready to move!!!!

Rebel Roxie Rose has been in this storefront for a little over a year.  We built a good following and appreciated all of our business from our customers during this time.  The transition from the storefront to our studio seems to be going amazingly well.. None of our regulars seemed upset and are anxious to see us open the studio where they can call us and make arrangements to come over.  Also, the fact that we will continue to post new products on Facebook and our new website www.rebelroxierose.com is a plus.

So many people that are on our facebook are now out of town and would like to be able to order from us.  Even though we missed the December 10 opening date for our site, it won't be long now.  We have set up our sections and are gathering objects to post.  As soon as our shopping cart is in place we will be good to go.  If you go to the website, you will see some blogging explaining what we are doing.

Last night at the store was really strange.  The Wednesday night before was so busy we couldn't sit down.  Only a hand full came by last night.  We are down to the nitty gritty.  With products going on line, we are trying to sell much of our the inventory at the store at deep discounts.  We are pulling out all the merchandise we have had stored away and putting it out.  We have decided to be on call only on Friday.  Saturday we will open bright and early and have specials all day.  It will be quite a "LAST DAY" before the move sale.  Send in your friends, come in yourself and see what we have both old and new.

Don't miss out on these sales.  We are ready to get started on our next phase and you can take advantage of our great slashed prices.  REMEMBER, Saturday, December 15, 10:30 - ?.  We'll stay as long as you are coming by to buy!

Can you find the little extras I added to this background graphic I built using vintage ads and my own filler?  Hint--there are 5.

Answers:  Black & white ad at top "Shop -- Rebel Roxie Rose".  In the Keep her where she belongs ad "Shopping here at Rebel Roxie Rose".  Happy woman with fridge full of food "Why does this woman look so happy? Doesn't she realize she has to cook all that food and serve it".  Next to her the pink and white filler "Never underestimate the power of a woman".  And finally Shhh! ad with scaredy cats hiding by bush, "And is it any wonder?  Look at those two!".  

Until next blog . . .